Luv 2 Match Success Stories

We are extremely proud to have had such a positive impact in the lives of our members. Luv 2 Match was created to provide an unparalleled personal matchmaking experience and help our members find long-lasting love with their dream partner.

Our passionate team of professional matchmakers become truly invested in our members’ lives and experiences. Whenever a member does find love, our team are elated! It is so fulfilling for us when we know that our actions have helped our members find love, contentment and happiness in their romantic lives.

Our success is down to one simple fact…we care. Our ethical approach to matchmaking eclipses any of our rivals and we could not be prouder of that. We implore you to read a few of our success stories below.

Rachel and Matt
Birmingham (UK)

Rachel was of the belief that romance was dead. It was a cliche utterly shattered by Matt on the pairs’ first date. Matt arrived with a beautiful bouquet of flowers and a selection box of vegan chocolates (as it was mentioned on Rachel’s profile that she had been vegan for the past 2 years). Rachel thought the gesture was utterly charming and she and Matt couldn’t have got off to a more perfect start. As the dates proceeded over the course of many months, Rachel and Matt are now in a loving relationship with each other and are moving in together during the early months of 2020.

Hardeep and Ria
Toronto (Canada)

Hardeep had been single for many years. He’s attractive, intelligent and charming but just could not find a partner that he viewed as compatible. He was looking for someone who shared the same drive, passion and ambition that he had but the women he met via other dating channels simply weren’t cutting the mustard. Hardeep joined us and met two of our members who regrettably didn’t hit the mark. However, it seemed that the third time was the charm. On their first date, Hardeep was simply blown away by Ria. She is very much about setting goals and ensuring she’s doing everything she can to achieve them. Ria was also looking for a like-minded individual where a relationship would come with mutual support when it came to both of their aspirations. These two go-getters found each other through our service and it is undoubtedly a match made in heaven. The pair plan to marry in the summer of 2020.

Jenny and Jamie
Adelaide (Australia)

Both in their late 50’s, Jenny and Jamie were looking to find love again and signed up to our services. Jamie desired a woman who was fun, caring and whom he could utterly cherish…he’s a hopeless romantic and definitely a rose petals, serenading kind of fellow. He plays the guitar and is very much into his old school rock and attending gigs and festivals. Ideally, he was looking for someone who shared his love of music. This is why we matched him with Jenny, who was a singer in her spare time and often performed with, blues, jazz and ska bands in Adelaide. The two were wowed by each others’ profiles and could not wait to meet. They spend their first few meet ups talking about music (mainly) amongst other things but the two developed a beautiful chemistry. They are now in a wonderful relationship and are travelling to Europe this year to attend various music festivals.

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