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Let love shine through the aid of a personal match making agency in Singapore


Joining the dots is what we do

At Luv 2 Match, we understand that finding true love can be a seemingly impossible, thankless task. Even with computers and algorithms which are designed to make the task easier they can end up leading us in the wrong direction and land us in unstimulating, boring and often counterproductive situations. At Luv 2 Match we truly understand that our clients’ time is precious. As the old song goes “you can’t hurry love” – but here at Luv 2 Match our personal match making agency in Singapore certainly makes the entire process easier. Rather than eternally scrolling through a never-ending list of potential candidates, our individually assigned matchmakers do all the hard work, and present the user with results which have been specifically selected around their own unique sets of criteria, likes and dislikes. Anybody who has struggled to find love in the past, and is looking to try something new should speak to our personal match making agency in Singapore here at Luv 2 Match and let us do the work. 

Creating your profile

At Luv 2 Match, rather than simply relying on computer algorithms or codes to put clients together, we believe that no machine can ever match human intuition and experience. As such, we are a personal match making agency in Singapore who assigns individual, human matchmakers to each of our clients. These matchmakers then familiarise themselves with and get to know the client through extensive, friendly conversations. This interaction allows the client to establish what they are looking for in a partner, as well as what their likes and dislikes are – in order to create a more tailored set of choices and avoid any awkward conversations. Each of our matchmakers also play an active role in the design and curation of a client’s profile – to an extent with which the client feels comfortable. If the client prefers, they can design their profile themselves. If they require assistance however, then our matchmakers are well-versed in the dos and don’ts of this process and can help make their profile stand out from the crowd. We can also arrange to have professional profile photographs taken by our in-house photographer which can help clients present the best possible version of themselves to their potential partners – both physically and personally. 


Adapting with the times

As Covid-19 has made us all adapt our behaviour in such a way that the health and wellbeing of those around us is protected, here at Luv 2 Match we have made similar alterations to our service which have been received with enthusiasm. We recognise that now, it is more important than ever before, that our clients do not suffer loneliness and that they have someone around them with whom they can talk and feel comfortable. Whilst in the past, after pairing together two partners, our matchmaker would make arrangements for them to meet physically for drinks on our account, nowadays this process is arranged digitally. This means that users can meet potential partners in a safe way which does not put either at risk, and lets them form a bond virtually which can be maintained until it is safe to meet. Our matchmakers at Luv 2 Match know what they are doing, and have years of experience in this area. If you are tired of endless scrolling and swiping, then take action and arrange to speak to one of our matchmakers yourself, to see all that we could be doing to help you in the search for love. 



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