Love is all you need thanks to our personal match making agency in Singapore


Just be yourself

In today’s day and age of technological, algorithmic romance, it can often be difficult to keep up with the times  – especially for those who are slightly older. Online, app-based romances are very much a modern phenomenon which require a nuance of skills which many older adults sometimes struggle with. Online, digital personas are often misleading or misrepresent a person’s true personality, likes or interests – which can make things difficult further down the line in a developing relationship, and lead to drawn-out, dull and unstimulating lengthy conversations which ultimately go nowhere. If you are tired of the digital approach, and are looking for something more tangible, then our personal match making agency in Singapore may be the answer you are looking for. Rather than constructing you a digitalised persona, our matchmakers get to know you on a personal basis and work alongside you to curate a profile which best represents who you truly are – and therefore can be used to find the perfect match you can properly and genuinely connect with. We do all the work, and all you must do is simply be yourself. 

Connectivity keeps us healthy

At Luv 2 Match we understand that now, more than ever, connectivity is essential to having a healthy, happy life. As the effects of Covid-19 continue to reshape the conventions of ‘normal’ across the world, we are adapting our service to allow for our matchmakers to continue to pair up users with a perfect partner in a way in which both parties feel safe and relaxed. We are also urging our users to stay connected with friends and family throughout these uncertain times, as having a continued line of communication can be massively beneficial for mental health and wellbeing. Love, we feel here at Luv 2 Match, is all you need to live a fully contented life. By signing up for our personal match making agency in Singapore we can help clear the muddy waters of online dating by making it a far simpler, more natural process that yields results which will truly last and potentially change the lives of both you and your partner forever. 


Our Service

As mentioned, we have had to tailor our service recently to align it with the changes which the Covid-19 pandemic has placed on all of us. These changes however have been very successful and well received by users of our personal match making agency in Singapore and we are happy to say that our matchmakers have been busier than ever pairing together partners and helping users find their true loves. Traditionally, after each user’s unique matchmaker has found them a match we would arrange for the two of you to go out for a meal or drinks in a romantic setting – all at our expense. However our updated service now pairs couples together through video calls which we arrange at a time which suits them. This has been a massively successful process and helps partners get acquainted with each other comfortably and safely until they are allowed to meet finally in person when public health measures allow. If the trials and tribulations of finding love seem too difficult to bear alone during this testing time, by seeking our help at Luv 2 Match we help share the load and find a perfectly suitable partner through age-old methods of human connectivity. Everyone deserves to have a special someone, and at Luv 2 Match the finding of that someone is our specialty.