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The dating scene is complicated especially in a bustling city like Singapore. Between your professional life and personal commitments, it feels like there is never enough time for anything else at all. Due to this, many Singaporeans delay or forsook the pursuit of romance but this need not be the case. Luv2Match was founded to help provide a solution to this problem and we solve it by being a personal matchmaking agency. Find suitable matches and setup fun and romantic dates through us upon signing up at Luv2Match. There are plenty of fish in the sea but what’s the point if you do not start fishing?
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A Call With Your Personal Matchmaker

Upon filling up the sign-up form, it will be sent to our team of matchmakers who will then contact you to understand you better and introduce what we can do for you!
After understanding you better, we will then help you finish the best dating profile that is uniquedly yours.

Profile Creation

Upon finishing the call, your Luv2Match Profile will be finished by our Matchmaker.
Your profile will highlight your best attributes be it physical or personality traits.
We will then match your profile against our database for the suitable matches and upon generating a match, we will inform both parties and set up a date.
Your privacy matters to us, this is why profiles will not contain your surname or contact details so that you can find and meet matches while having your personal details protected.

Meet Your Perfect Match

Your meet up date, time and location with your ideal match will be organised by your matchmaker. Once we receive confirmation from both members, all you have to do is excitably await your meet up. We can happily provide guidance and support on dating on request.

The Search Begins

Your personal matchmaker will begin searching for your ideal partner in our extensive database of singles. They will find potential suitors based on your location and search criteria. Once your matchmaker has found a potential suitor or suitors, the profiles are then provided to you. It’s entirely up to you whether you’d like meet any of the suitors. If you do wish to meet, all of you have to do is let us know your choice. Then, sit back and relax whilst your matchmaker makes the arrangements. Any messaging between our members is handled via matchmakers but before we hit send, you can review each message and give your input.

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