About Luv 2 Match: The Matchmaking Service With A Difference

We are unlike any other matchmaking agency. See the steps to our brilliant service below…

Are you looking for a better way to find your ideal life-long partner? If that is the case, Luv 2 Match is a worldwide matchmaking agency where all members are provided with a personal matchmaker, where algorithms aren’t used to find the loves of our members lives and where we pay for all of the drinks at meet ups that you attend with other members.

Step 1 -

Sign up to Luv 2 Match

Register with us by completing our sign up process. We’d like to know the usual information, a bit about yourself (hobbies and interests) and to book in a suitable time to call you.

Step 2 -

A Call With Your Personal Matchmaker

Your personal matchmaker will call you at the pre-scheduled time. We don’t rely on algorithms here at Luv 2 Match. We have highly trained, experienced and professional matchmakers with brilliant track records in helping our members find love. Your personal matchmaker will look to get to know you very well. They want to know more about you, your interests, your passions, your goals and what you’re looking for in a partner amongst much more.

Step 3 -

Profile Creation

After the call, your personal matchmaker will begin creating your Luv 2 Match profile. We ensure that your profile will showcase the best version of yourself! Your most attractive attributes, physical and non-non-physical, will take centre stage ensuring that you are as alluring as can be to our members! For your information, your profile will only be shown to individuals who your matchmaker believes will be a compatible match. Profiles do not contain your surname nor any contact details for discretionary reasons.

If we feel that your profile could benefit from having higher quality photos, we will find a professional photographer in your local area and organise a shoot to save you the time and hassle! We will also brief the photographer on the kind of photographs we’re looking for to ensure that the images on your profile are as enticing as possible! Rest assured, our matchmakers have a wealth of experience when it comes to creating stunning profiles.

Step 4 -

The Search Begins

Your personal matchmaker will begin searching for your ideal partner in our extensive database of singles. They will find potential suitors based on your location and search criteria. Once your matchmaker has found a potential suitor or suitors, the profiles are then provided to you. It’s entirely up to you whether you’d like meet any of the suitors. If you do wish to meet, all of you have to do is let us know your choice. Then, sit back and relax whilst your matchmaker makes the arrangements. Any messaging between our members is handled via matchmakers but before we hit send, you can review each message and give your input.

Step 5 -

Meet Your Perfect Match

Your meet up date, time and location with your ideal match will be organised by your matchmaker. Once we receive confirmation from both members, all you have to do is excitably await your meet up. We can happily provide guidance and support on dating on request. One final aspect of Luv 2 Match that should be mentioned is that we will pay for your drinks on your date. As we are organising the meet ups, we will inform the restaurant or bar that we will be footing the bill for you ahead of time.

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