There are many reasons as to why people rarely find their soulmate or life partners through dating apps and many matchmaking websites.

But, if you are one of the many people who is looking for love through these methods and having no success, you may incorrectly believe that the issue is you.

Whether it’s because the last person you met up with said you didn’t look like your photo, or if your personalities didn’t match, it can be all too easy to point the finger of blame at yourself. But our team is happy to inform you that you aren’t an issue at all! The people who run the apps and the agencies are!

That is why we decided to change the all-too-common formula used by matchmaking sites and target it towards helping you find the person of your dreams!

At Luv 2 Match, our personal matchmaking agency Singapore can offer all of our members a different type of service, targeting their efforts to find your soulmate. Our years of experience and expertise surrounding matchmaking puts our company at the top of all matchmaker agencies and with our reasonable fees, what have you got to lose? (Aside from being lonely?)

Still not convinced your lack of success in love lies with the apps or matchmakers you chose? Here is why so few people find love using those methods.


As unsettling as it sounds, the same software that is used to match words to websites on search engines is often adapted slightly to match people on dating and matchmaking websites.

So, if your profile on a regular dating app mentions that you like dogs, you will be matched to someone else who likes dogs, even if you have nothing else in common!

Our personal matchmaking agency Singapore has taken algorithms out of the equation, and has replaced them with a real-life matchmaker. It is this person’s job to find your ideal soulmate based on something other than a keyword!

Lack of personal touch

Many apps and matchmaking sites state that they offer a personal touch when it comes to finding your love.

However, with Luv 2 Match, our personal matchmaking agency Singapore really does offer a personal touch, with our matchmakers getting to know both you and your match before arranging a meeting. We also create your online profile, and can assist you in getting the best photos taken of yourself using professional photography!

Quantity over quality

Going on a date and finding your life partner are two different things, and while other matchmaking websites may not worry about how many people they match you with, our team at Luv 2 Match will aim to keep your meetings to a minimum to ensure that they are high-quality, and extremely enjoyable meetings!

After all, we want you to have a wonderful experience meeting the person we have matched you with and do not regard sending one person on over 20 dates to be the best way to find a life partner!