Useful tips and tricks on how to make sure your stay safe when courting

Dating is simply one of the most thrilling aspects of human life. The exciting lead up to a first date coupled with the actual experience of speaking to a relative stranger for hours is a rare and unique experience unlike any other.

However, it is important to be reminded that you are still spending time with a stranger. Such simple steps can be taken to ensure that you’re being as safe as possible, so why not take them?

Inform someone of your date plans are and where you intend to be?

Tell a friend or family member where you plan on meeting your date and where you intend to be for the duration of the meet up. Provide them with some basic information about your date and let them know once you’ve met your date. If plans change in terms of location, a simple message to update your friend or family member would be a good move to make.

Use safety apps

There numerous safety apps such as “Find My Friend” where a loved on can track your location throughout an evening. WhatsApp even offers a feature where a contact can track your live locations for up to 8 hours before needing to trigger the feature again. A benefit of the digital age is the increase of personal safety measures such as these so do take advantage of them.

Meet in a public place

For Luv 2 Match members, this is already pre-organised. All members meet in local, reputable, public establishments; usually a high end restaurant or a venue of a similar sort. For non-members, meeting in a public venue, where other patrons will be in close vicinity, is a must. Bars, restaurants or tourist locations with a hustle and bustle are great choices for dates.

Keep important possessions on your person

Ensure that important possessions including your phone, keys and purse or wallet are not left unattended during the duration of your date. For men this is relatively easy but for women, if you’re bringing a handbag with you on a date, make sure you don’t leave your bag under the table unattended at any point. It can be very easy to do so.

Don’t drink excessively

A little bit of alcohol to loosen up is appealing to many, but try not to take the Dutch courage too far. Limiting yourself to a certain number of drinks and then consuming water for the remainder of your date is a good option. Drinking may help with nerves and lower inhibitions but it also lowers your awareness. Have fun on your dates but when it comes to alcohol consumption, moderation is highly recommended.

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