Have you been unlucky in love? Are you still on the lookout for that perfect person to spend your life with?



You aren’t alone; while there are restrictions in place across the globe, that doesn’t mean you should stop searching for that all-important someone. And as always, online dating is an option to begin your search for people who struggle with those initial meetings and greetings that surround traditional dating.



However, when it comes to many dating apps and websites, the majority use an algorithm in their software to match people based on their interests, career types and location. Far from thorough!

When you are looking for your life partner through a matchmaking site, you will want something a bit more than an algorithm conducting this all-important task. And that is where we come in.



At Luv 2 Match, our personal matchmaking agency Singapore uses real people to play the role of the matchmaker, allowing you to have a more personalised touch. We are a worldwide service, whose members are able to choose their own packages for finding love and who also charge their members a reasonable fee. Perfect!



Interested to learn more? Here are 5 FAQs answered by our personal matchmaking agency Singapore.



How does the process work?

At Luv 2 Match, we have broken down the process of finding your life partner into 5 steps.

Once you have completed the initial sign-up, our personal matchmaking agency Singapore will assign you a matchmaker.

They will call you at a designated time, and try to find out as much as they can about you in relation to your interests, hobbies and your aspirations.
Then we create a profile for you, and your matchmaker begins the search!



What are the packages you offer?

We offer 3 different packages, set for memberships at different times (such as 3, 6 or 9 months) and with a range of additional features.

To discover which one you would like to undertake, please check out our matchmaking packages page.



I haven’t been on a date in ages – can you help me get up to speed?

Of course we can!

Your personal matchmaker will be able to offer you tips and support surrounding dating upon request, so if you are a bit out-of-touch, just tell us!



What if my match lives far away?

While our team will try and find a match for you in your local area, if you need to commute to meet them, we can offer you contributions to meeting up.

However, this additional feature may only be applicable if you sign up to either our 6 or 9 month packages.



I’m a bit unsure about one of the people I’ve been matched to – do I have to meet them?



Of course not!

If you are uncertain about one of the people that we have matched you with, you are under no obligation to meet up with them. Inform your matchmaker as to why, and they will adjust their searching according to your specifications. Simple!