In the world of online dating apps, it can be a bit mind-numbing trying to work out what makes one app or website different from another.



Simply put, there is a limited difference between most dating/matchmaking agencies, barring, of course, that all-important algorithm that is used to match you to your ‘ideal’ partner. But if you have had enough of swiping through dating apps on your phone, or have attended some truly awful dates through other matchmaking services, you will need a truly remarkable service to catch your eye.



Ready for a different take on online or app matchmaking?



At Luv 2 Match, our personal matchmaking agency Singapore prides itself on being different than the rest. We have opted out of unhelpful and impersonal algorithms, and put a real person in their place, allowing you to have a more personal touch when it comes to finding your life partner. Perfect!



Still not convinced? Here are 5 other ways that our personal matchmaking agency Singapore differs from all the other services on the market. Enjoy!



We pay!

Yes, you read that right!

If our personal matchmaking agency Singapore finds that special person for you to meet up with, our agency will not only pay for introductory drinks, but we may also be able to cover the costs of your journey to meet them.
In order for you to obtain the latter part of this payment, you will need to sign up to either our 6-month or 9-month package.



We take safety seriously

We are well aware of the dangers that can surround meeting up with strangers, and unlike many other matching sites, we take that very seriously.

All of our members undergo extensive vetting to get on to our books; we ensure that there is nothing dangerous or worrying about them in their records or their past, so you won’t need to worry about being put into an uncomfortable position.

Just relax and enjoy the meeting!



Your details are safe

There have been many horror stories in the media surrounding people gaining access to their date’s personal information. Once again, this would not happen with Luv 2 Match!

All of the initial messaging is done through our matchmakers and if both you and your match agree to meet, neither of you will have access to each other’s home address or any other intimate details.



Professional photographs

In a similar vein, many people have attended a meet-up with a match and discovered that the person that they have met doesn’t look exactly like they do in their photograph. Very awkward!

At Luv 2 Match, all of our profiles use high-quality photographs, so you can be assured that the person you meet will match their profile. If you want your profile to have an even higher quality photo, we can arrange for you to have them taken professionally.



We don’t give up

Our team of matchmakers are dedicated to you finding that special someone to spend your life with and we don’t give up!