personal matchmaking agency in singapore

Personal Matchmaking Agency in Singapore

COVID-19 Update:

Due to recent events, we recommend that all of our members respect social distancing until informed otherwise from their governments. However, we have adapted our matchmaking service so that you can continue your pursuit of love and long-lasting happiness.

Thanks to modern technology, there are workarounds for every problem. We have switched from having our members meet up in person to arranging video calls with them instead…and they have worked superbly!

Finally, we’d like to remind all of our members that your mental health is crucially important during these challenging times. In this day and age, staying connected has never been easier so please continue to stay in contact with friends and family members through text, call and video calls. Stay positive, stay connected and stay happy.

The Worldwide Matchmaking Service

Luv 2 Match is a Singapore based matchmaking service, specialising in finding highly compatible long lasting relationships for our members.

Tired of swiping on dating apps and having dreary conversations?

Modern dating is a tricky minefield to navigate. A recurring comment that we hear from our members is that their time on dating apps in the past resulted in mind-numbingly boring conversations and underwhelming interactions. After all, a text persona is often very different from an individual’s real life aura.

At Luv 2 Match, we believe that true connections can only be made between two people in person. Charisma, passion and affection are just a few personality traits that simply cannot be discerned without speaking to someone face to face as opposed to screen to screen. Nothing digital could ever replace the feeling of when you have instant chemistry with someone in person.

It also helps when two individuals are compatible with one another from the get go which is where we come in as personal matchmaking experts in Singapore….

Your Own Professional Matchmaker

The service we provide is unrivalled. When joining Luv 2 Match, you will receive a call from us at a time you choose. That call will be with your very own personal human matchmaker who has multiple years of experience in their role. That’s right, a real human being! Unlike other matchmaking sites, we don’t rely on an algorithm to find our members the loves of their lives.

After getting to know you and what you’re looking for in a dream partner, your personal matchmaker will then begin creating your profile. We ensure that your profile will reflect your attributes, showcase your interests and passions as well as ensure your photos present the best version of yourself physically.

If we feel that your profile could benefit from having higher quality photos, we will source a professional photographer in your area to save you the time and hassle!

When your profile is completed, your matchmaker will begin finding your ideal partner. Once they have found a highly compatible candidate that meets all of your requirements, your matchmaker will organise for you both to meet at a local high-end establishment.


Safety and Confidentiality is Paramount

When meeting a stranger for the first time, safety is understandably a concern which is why all of our members undergo a thorough screening and vetting process. This ensures that they are who they say they are and have no causes for concern in their past.

Discretion is also another aspect of our service that we take very seriously. Your profile will only be shown to individuals who your matchmaker believes will be a compatible match. Profiles do not contain your surname nor any contact details.


No Matter Where You are in the World ​

The great thing about Luv 2 Match is that we operate worldwide! So, no matter where you are based whether it be in a big city or a more rural town, our extensive database of members means we will always find high quality compatible suitors for you.

Success Stories

Do browse some of the successful matchmaking stories from the former Luv 2 Match members…


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Ben had been single for many years. He’s attractive, intelligent and charming but just could not find a partner that he viewed as compatible. He was looking for someone who...

Jenny and Qi

Both in their late 50’s, Jenny and Qi were looking to find love again and signed up to our services. Qi desired a woman who was fun, caring and whom he could...

Still have questions?

If you still have any questions or queries regarding our service, please visit our contact page where you will find a direct number to call or a contact form to fill out.